Welcome to 

Birmingham LDC

The Birmingham LDC is a Statutory Body, our role is enshrined in legislation (NHS Act 1977 and Health & Social Care Act 2003). We are a democratic body comprising of Birmingham dentists, elected by Birmingham dentists.   

This LDC has been operating since before the inception of the NHS and our role has always been to support local dentists. 

Birmingham LDC is a proud and very proactive LDC, a fact which has received national recognition, indeed many of our members hold, or have held, significant national representative roles.  

The LDC committee is made up of 20 elected levy paying dentists from the city, each elected for a term of 4 years with the half the committee up for election 2 years ahead of the other half, thus enabling continuity when elections take place.   

We attempt to have regular dialogue with local commissioners and other stakeholders to convey your concerns and relay information back to you where this is deemed appropriate.


Financing the Local Dental Committee

Birmingham LDC is funded by GDPs in the city via a compulsory statutory levy charged (currently) to contract providers. Non NHS or PDS providers/ performers can pay a voluntary LDC levy too, enabling representation and support from the LDC.

Expenditure of this levy is restricted to administrative duties of the Committee as well contributing to the funding of national organisations like the British Dental Guild and charities like the Dental Health Support Trust.  The British Dental Guild has been established for nearly 70 years and funds here are used to pay the BDA’s General Dental Practitioner Committee representatives for loss of earnings when representing the profession on the national stage, negotiating on behalf of the profession, with ministers, DHSC, NHSE or the OCDO.

Each LDC member who attends a meeting on behalf of this LDC will be paid an agreed sum in return for furnishing the LDC with a written report. 

Officers of the LDC make up the executive, namely Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, all of these receive a stipend for their roles.


We Represent You

The main function of the Committee is to represent and support General Dental Practitioners (GDPs); to ensure that GDPs are properly valued, and their skills properly utilised; that, whilst serving the public, they are able to uphold appropriate standards of practice.